Impact Production

A clean up event organized by Jnana Foundation as part of the impact production for The Turtle Walker

We’ve heard of impact and we’ve heard of production but what happens when you put the two words together? We get impact productions! An impact production essentially maximizes a film’s ability to make social change. While this is a relatively recent term, impact productions have made headway in the film sphere as it aims to not only entertain, but also to inspire. Impact production uses specific messaging and strategies that build empathy amongst targeted viewers. Once viewers are inspired, they are often given the opportunity to participate in tangible change through various means of supporting the cause of the impact production.

The difference between a regular production and an impact production is engagement. While a regular production may target a specific issue, it often doesn’t have the same follow-up as an Impact production. Impact production ties in partners and implements an impact campaign, often managing partnerships, getting organizations and other relevant parties involved that are necessary to enact such change. In some cases, impact production even targets policymakers.

Impact productions are often centered around the cause or people that are most affected. They aim to identify, portray and engage narratives about relevant issues in an authentic way, capturing the true issue. 

​A large discarded fishing net found buried in front of the Morjim Turtle hatchery

Furthermore, impact production targets a specific audience. Not everybody needs to watch the film. As a result, the film is often tailored to a specific audience and kept with this in mind throughout the development of the film. An Impact Producer often plays a crucial role in establishing partnerships, strategic management and making sure impact is being made. Emaho Films is one such hub for impact production. With their upcoming film “The Turtle Walker”, Emaho aims to bring awareness to endangered and at risk turtle populations around coastal Indian, and one man’s story of love with these beautiful creatures.

In the words of Jackie Robinson, “a life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” Similarly, the life of a production, of art, of creation is important when its impact has helped. Impact productions aim to do simply this.

This blog was first posted on The Turtle Walker on 7th December 2021