Education Program Internship


1-year internship with Jnana Foundation

Jnana Foundation is looking to hire an intern to manage operations for our Socially Minded Indian Leadership-building Education (SMILE) program within our Education pillar.

Jnana Foundation (JF) is a Social Impact organisation that partners with selected local  NGOs and Consultants to effectively design, fund and execute projects with high impact to local communities. JF has used a “Systems Thinking” approach to identify four critical areas of high impact, i.e. Environmental Conservation, Education, Holistic Health & Wellness, and Regenerative Agriculture. JF works closely with partner NGOs to identify projects that can transform the current paradigms in these areas. JF supports its partners in raising funds and executing the projects, including monitoring the outcomes, reporting progress, and sharing knowledge gained to inspire others to take up these initiatives in their communities.

The SMILE Program
is a holistic approach to creating socially minded leaders who can enable transformation in communities, corporates, governments, and NGOs. Our rationale is that the country stands to benefit socially, politically, and economically if this large number of adolescents are safe, healthy, educated, and equipped with information and life skills to support the country’s continued development in a socially-minded way. However, the curriculum created under the British Raj is still what the current education system in India is based on; this is not adequately preparing Indian students for the challenges that they and India will face in the future. SMILE enables children from all walks of life to have a chance to make an informed decision about their futures, upskill themselves, learn by practising and move forward in the impact space.

Location: JF Office in Siolim, Bardez, Goa
Start date: Immediate
Salary: 1.2 lakhs per annum with the potential for a full-time position at the Jnana Foundation or with one of our partner NGOs after completion of the internship.

Responsibilities -

  • Working with the impact coordinator to design the programs within our pillars. The role will primarily involve the coordination of various projects, managing social media, coordinating events, and researching various topics.
  •  Interns will be expected to work at JF office at least 8 hours per day, 5 days a week. During certain community events, they may be required to participate during the weekend.
  •  Doing research in the assigned areas to understand the problems and causes using various techniques such as Systems Thinking.
  •  Designing projects/programs with the support of NGOs, consultants, and team members with clear goals, budgets, metrics etc.
  •  Setting up and developing processes for the programs: Creating a timeline, writing down the standard operating procedures, designing systems, reviewing processes, etc.
  •  Helping select new NGO partners, including research, due diligence etc. Strengthening existing partnerships, collaborating, spreading awareness about the concept, coordinating with partner NGOs and setting up meetings and check-ins, etc
  •  Assisting with all aspects of the monthly events organised by JF
  • Impact: Designing and monitoring impact metrics along with our Co-ordinator (Impact Operations) & Scientific Advisor
  • Troubleshooting: Being able to appropriately address any problems that may arise during the course of the project and escalating where necessary.
  •  Supporting Fundraising activities, including researching donors, communicating, pitching and writing grant proposals.
  •  Supporting external communication, including writing articles, blog posts, and social media.

Requirements -

  •  We are looking for a fresher interested in integrated and holistic education. Experience in Education, Social Work/ Impact, and Business Management would be a benefit.
  •  Fluent in written and spoken Konkani and English. Any more conversational languages would be an added advantage, especially Hindi and Marathi.
  •  Mobility within the state of Goa and proximity to our office in Siolim.
  •  An interest in holistic education pedagogies, counselling and mentoring, and the betterment of children and youth from underprivileged backgrounds is necessary.
  •  Guardian: Being cognisant of the needs of children and youth. A drive and motivation to go above and beyond to provide the support required by the students.
  •  Mentor: Creating spaces for children/ youth to actively reach out for support and guidance.
  •  Proactive in taking up opportunities and a desire to learn and grow. Curiosity towards new and integrated ideas. Extremely meticulous and organised, attention to detail is particularly important.
  •  Ready to face uncertainties and a constantly changing work environment.
  •  Very patient and good with soft skills like communication, leadership, people management and partnership and an ability to work in a small team.
  •  Working knowledge of social media, event planning, and management would be an added benefit.

What will you gain from this role at JF?

  •  An opportunity to work with a highly skilled team at Jnana Foundation.
  •  Exposure to the other areas of work in Jnana Foundation.
  •  Ability to wear multiple hats and take on leadership roles.
  •  Capacity-building in crucial areas required to work in the social impact space.
  •  A sense of empathy and well-developed soft skills that will help you as you move ahead in the social impact space.
  •  Most Importantly: Build skills to become an effective leader in the Social Impact Sector.